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The North Dakota Coalition for Privacy in Health Care

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Welcome to our Coalition 
The North Dakota Coalition for Privacy in Health Care is a non-partisan group of organizations and individuals who believe government should not interfere in the private relationship between a patient and physician or physician assistant.
Laws that directly or indirectly dictate or limit how your doctor interacts with you puts your health at risk and infringes on your right for privacy in health care.  The bottom line:  lawmakers should stay out of your doctor's office.
The Coalition educates North Dakotans on the negative impact of 'personhood' legislation and in vitro fertilization restrictions. 

What People Are Saying

“Infertile couples who want to have a baby could be hurt by a personhood law. Personhood laws could also complicate a doctor’s ability to treat life-threatening situations, like ectopic pregnancies and incomplete miscarriages.”  

     -- Dr. Stephanie Dahl, reproductive endrocrinologist
“Personhood legislation has been rejected by voters and courts in every single state where it has been attempted because of its impact on birth control, infertility services and pregnancy care. It's too extreme.” 

    -- Karla Rose Hanson, Coalition co-founder
In the News
Below are a few articles and opinion pieces on privacy in health care, personhood and IVF legislation. See more news from the 2013 legislative session here
For news related to the campaign against Measure 1 in 2014, see the News page on the NDAM1 site.
Personhood Constitutional Amendment
on November 2014 Ballot in ND
The Coalition opposes all personhood legislation that defines a person as a human at every or any stage of development because of the broad and negative impact to families and women.
A personhood law could ban common forms of birth control, ban in vitro fertilization (IVF), and nullify living wills and advance directives. Learn more about the many consequences of personhood.
Senate Concurrent Resolution 4009, a personhood constitutional amendment, passed the ND Senate and House during the 2013 legislative session. It will be on the statewide ballot in November 2014 as Measure 1. 
North Dakotans Against Measure 1:
You can get specific information about the campaign against SCR 4009 (Measure 1 on the statewide ballot in November) from North Dakotans Against Measure 1 (NDAM1).
NDAM1 is the ballot committee that formed to oppose this vague and poorly worded constitutional amendment because it would have far-reaching consequences for all North Dakotans.
Go to to pledge to vote no, volunteer and donate.
Read the FAQ for answers to common Measure 1 questions.
Go to the NDAM1 Facebook Page for the latest updates.