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College Entrance Essay Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them!

Common College Entrance Essay Pitfalls and Solutions

What’s all the fuss about the college entrance essay?

The college entrance essay is important because it is the one of the few parts of the application that you have a lot of control over. After all, up to a point one can’t control what is said about them in recommendations, and grades and test scores can’t be changed once all the results are in.

The admission essay is also a good chance for applicants to let their personality shine through, and it can help persuade the admission committee towards acceptance. There is a lot of pressure on students in writing their application essays, and that is probably why many students report that essay the is most difficult part of the application process.

Although there are definite benefits to writing a great college admission essay; there are also things to avoided. Here are a few pitfalls to be aware of and prepare for in writing your college entrance essay:


Pitfall: There are so many things students would like to say about themselves and so little space to do it in.

Solution: After brainstorming take the most important detail and make an outline with an introduction that hooks the reader, a body of at least three paragraphs and a conclusion that ends with a profound clinching statement. When writing the essay stay on track by following the outline. Try your best not to veer off on a tangent.


Pitfall: Some students report that actually sitting down and writing the essay is the hardest part of the entire process.

Solution: To begin writing, first pick a topic. Check out the article “Selecting a College Essay Topic” here at College Admission Unlocked. After the topic has been picked, you can begin writing by brainstorming for five minutes. Another helpful tip is to schedule regular writing time every day and stick with that schedule. Lack of time and available resources to gain information students prefer to avail the buy essay cheap which prove very beneficial to them.


Pitfall: Some students get overwhelmed because there are so many topics to choose from.

Solution: Ask yourself a series of questions such as what was the most influential experience, what is your favorite book, what famous person has influenced you the most. To get a complete set of questions and topics to write about, see “How to Choose a College Admission Essay Topic”.


Pitfall: The student might find themselves putting off the essay by saying, “I’ll do it later,” and then the students find themselves rushing at the last minute. And consequently, not having enough time to give the essay a 100% effort.

Solution: Set a writing schedule and timeline for the project. Adhere to that schedule. Motivate yourself by keeping the importance of your college entrance essay firmly in mind.


Pitfall: Some students write the essay and go off course and never really answer the question completely.

Solution: Have another person read your essay to see if you have answered the question properly.


Pitfall: Some students have trouble adhering to word limits. Be aware that admission committees might only read up to the page number and/or word limit, and even if they do read it all, going over word limits can annoy the reader!

Solution: The best way to adhere to word limits is to make your outline and stick to it. Do not go off on any tangents – stay on topic.


Pitfall: Some students are intimidated by a blank sheet of paper or a blank computer screen.

Solution: One way to get started is to brainstorm for five minutes without writing. This is called free writing. Write anything and everything that comes to mind.


Pitfall: Choosing a voice is a fine line between being too casual and being too formal.

Solution: Use a natural tone. The best way to do this is to write your essay as if you were speaking with a friend.


Pitfall: Some students worry about the entire process of writing the essay. They worry how accurately they represent themselves to the admission committee and if the committee will like them.

Solution: Be optimistic. The essay is all about you. This is your time to shine. Have fun with it and show the admission committee what you are made of.


Pitfall: Students wonder if their personality is enough to get them into the college of their choice.

Solution: Just be yourself. Write as if you are speaking to a friend. Your friends like you, so just picture the person reading your application as liking you also. If you do not get in, don’t take it personally.


The college entrance essay is very important to the admissions process, and can help get you into your college of choice. However, the admission essay carries the harsh burden of stress on prospective students.

Be aware of common pitfalls such as not being concise, difficulty getting started, adhering to word/page limits, procrastination, and not answering the essay questions directly. These solutions will help combat the problem and help you write a winning college entrance essay.