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10 Practical College Essay Tips

10 Practical College Essay TipsThese practical college essay tips will help you write an effective application essay…one that gets the right kind of attention from the admissions committee!
Many students report that writing the college admissions essay is one of the most difficult parts of the application process. Just choosing a topic seems to be a daunting task. However, the admission essay is a very importance component to the application process because it is one of the only portions of the application that enables you to highlight your personality and insights. The application essay is also one of the only portions of the application you can control because you can’t control what a recommender says about you or finalized grades and test scores.

Below are some practical college essay tips to help you through the process.

  1. Begin Early – Applicants should begin their essay in the summer between their Junior and Senior year because there are typically less obligations related to school.
  2. Don’t Assume to Know What Colleges Want – Most colleges want to read a college admissions essay that shows your personality. The admissions essay is one of the only parts of the application that your personality really shines through.
  3. Answer the Essay Question Properly – Make sure your essay answers the question fully. Don’t go off on tangent which results in an unanswered question.
  4. Don’t use Redundant Language or Clichés – Varying words and using original language, demonstrates to admission committees that you have a good vocabulary.
  5. Use your Natural Tone – Another college essay tip is to write a college admissions essay that uses your natural tone – your natural speaking voice. When you use your natural speaking voice your essay will flow more smoothly and make more sense. Using fancy out of place words, jars and disrupts flow. Just be yourself.
  6. Write a Well Organized Essay that Focuses Around One Central Theme – A good admission essay has an identifiable introduction, body, and conclusion. Be sure that your essay focuses around one theme and does not go off a tangent.
  7. Use Proper Grammar – Be sure to spell check and grammar check your essay.
  8. Don’t be Ambiguous – Keep your reader in mind. Explain things clearly in simple terms.
  9. Have Someone Else Read and Proof your Essay – Have someone read your admissions essay aloud to you to see if the essay flows. Also, have another person proof your essay for spelling and grammar errors. Other’s feedback will provide many opportunities for corrections.
  10. Adhere to Word and Page Limits – Many colleges will only read up to the word or page limit.

Now that some college essay tips have been revealed, hopefully, the process will not seem as stressful. Just remember that you should begin early, answer the question thoroughly and don’t assume to know what colleges want. Don’t forget colleges want a well-structured correctly essay with proper grammar and original language with no ambiguity that adheres to word and page limits.

Always remember to have someone read your essay aloud to you and have someone else proof your essay for content and spelling and grammar errors. With these practical college essay tips you can give your essay a 100% effort. The payoff of acceptance will be life changing experience of acceptance into the college of your choice.